Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cover Girl LashBlast Luxe Shimmering Mascara

Cover Girl has come out with an extension of the LashBlast line, which includes four shimmering colored mascaras to brighten the eyes.  The tube is a bright pink, and to be honest I stumbled across these in the makeup aisle, because there wasn't even an end cap or display with this new product on it!  Weird!  

The three colors I bought are below; a navy, emerald and deep maroon/purple.  The colors are called Shimmering Royal, Shimmering Emerald and Shimmering Cabernet respectively.  The colors are very vibrant, but believable!

When you put the mascara on, you still benefit from the beautiful volume and separation that the original LashBlast gives, but with a hint of color that you can see when you move from side to side.  They are absolutely beautiful, and I would definitely recommend you pick one up that would compliment your eye color!