Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hard Candy Nail Polish "Mr. Wrong"

As all of you know, Hard Candy is back, and now available at Walmart! With such an extensive display section (see Nouveau Cheap's pictures here!), it was hard to decide what to pick up last weekend when I was there, but I immediately was drawn to the now-infamous nail polish in Mr. Wrong.

A beautifully unique color, Mr. Wrong is the mix of a black base, bright silver-purple micro glitter, and gold micro glitter. The thing I find very interesting about this shade is that of all the reviews I've seen and read online, not one person's swatch looks the same. Mr. Wrong takes on a different personality with every person, which is probably why this little guy is Mr. Wrong!

Mr. Wrong pulls out mostly purple shades on me. I love this polish because I can't quite bring myself to rock the black nail polish, as much as I really like some of the black and shimmer shades out on the market right now. Much like the Stila Smudgepot in "Little Black Dress" is a great option for those who want a dark eyeliner without the harshness of black, Mr. Wrong is a great way to wear a dark and edgy color without going to the extreme of black. And, at around $5 a pop, these are a great little bargain for the quality!