Friday, July 2, 2010

New nailpolishes at CVS: Confetti and 10 Professional Nail Lacquer

I am sure some of you have already seen these (Recessionista posted pics of her purchases yesterday), but for those of us in the Midwest that seem to have a delay in new products, I finally came across the new nail polish lines at CVS: Confetti and 10 Professional Nail Lacquer.  The displays are below, which I believe are going to their everyday displays.

Confetti is quite a versitile collection - colors range from pales and sheers to bold blues, purples and glitters.  I even saw some really nice vampy reds and browns, which I am eyeing for the fall.  I bought a bottle of pale lavender, which I will swatch and post.  The bottles are really cute, and the names are as well.  The price, at $1.99, is also very appealing, so we'll see how the product wears and give a true assessment shortly.

10 Professional Nail Lacquers are a little more "down to earth" in their shades.  These are more typical reds, pinks, beiges, and a few vampy colors.  I bought a really deep taupe/smokey color, which I think will be great for fall as well.  Those pictures are coming shortly...