Friday, February 11, 2011

Physicians Formula Mineral Correcting Pebbles

Physician's Formula has come out with quite a few new products this spring, including Happy Mood Boosting blush (which I still need to review), new color correcting minerals, including these new Correcting Pebbles, and new shades in the liners that I love, which I reviewed a few weeks ago.  Well, I am intrigued by all things shimmery, and seeing as this is supposed to help correct imperfections (and it had a $3 coupon attached to the package!), I decided to give these pebbles a try.

The pebbles have four shades: yellow adds warmth, pink brightens, and green tones down redness.  The peach is added illumination.  The pebbles are very creamy and delicate - one touch and they could crumble in your fingertips!  I actually like that, because I know that this finishing powder will bend smoothly into my skin - a lot of times the drier finishing powders end up looking chalky and drying on the skin.

The package comes with it's own brush underneath, but I opted to use one of my big buki brushes instead.  I do love the three colors on it though - anything bright like that and I instantly feel better and happier!  It reminds me of Lady Lovleylocks and the you guys remember her?

Anyway, onto the brush...

I tried to capture the before and after, but it's really hard to show.  Yes, this is an illuminator, but you won't end up looking like a disco-ball.  Take a look before, and then the after below.  In the after, the skin looks smoother, brighter, and just all-together better.  I didn't put foundation on, or anything else, just bare skin versus the Physicians Formula Correcting Pebbles.

I'm loving these.  I use them every day after I put on foundation and finishing powder.  It just brightens the skin and makes you look awake...something I could definitely use these days!

Have you tried these pebbles?  How about anything else from the new Mineral line?  I tell you what...there were about 3 or 4 other things I wanted to try time!