Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Everyday Naturals Lemon Symphony No. 1 Natural Cuticle Butter

I absolutely adore all things lemon. There is something about it, which probably stems from my youth and a little product called "Love's Fresh Lemon".  Every day I would give myself a spritz of that fresh citrus scent, and now that I'm all grown up, I still look for a fresh lemon scent to pick me up.

Recently, an online e-tailer by the name of Everyday Naturals (of Everyday Minerals if you enjoy their mineral makeup) had a cuticle butter in a lemon scent.  Somehow or another I missed out on this little guy, but luckily my mom didn't, so I now am the proud owner of this little pot of lemony goodness.

The product came wrapped in a little cotton pull-tie bag.  I am actually keeping this in it, because the bag makes the stuff easier to find in my bottomless pit of a purse.  The product, Everyday Naturals Lemon Symphony No. 1: The Romance of the Cuticle is described as the following on their website:

Super concentrated for intense hydration -- a must for cuticles. You will find yourself enraptured by the refreshing lemony scent. Indulge your cuticles with rain forest Brazilian butters for the ultimate in moisturization. We also included plant oils, Pumpkin and Argan to make it extra fantastic!

This comes in a 0.37 oz pot, and retails for $4.00.

 Now, this is indeed lemon scented, but because it is a butter, I picked up some vanilla and other "warm" fragrance in the product as well.  It is rick and thick. 

When I stick my nail in it, you can see how dense the product is.  This isn't a cream, or a lotion, or a typical cuticle product.  This is definitely reminiscent of the consistency of Carmex Lip Treatment in the pot.  Intense.  Fragrant.  And yes, definitely moisturizing and nourishing on my cuticles.

A little goes a long way.  Don't think you are getting ripped off by such a little pot.  This stuff is truly intense, and that bit on my finger tip there will be enough to nourish one hand of dry cuticles.  The product isn't overly oily either - meaning it doesn't leave a long lasting residue on your hands once you've put it on.  Give it about 5 minutes, and you are good to go. 

I've been using this for about two weeks now, and it is definitely helping my cuticles.  Now, I know this isn't a treatment, per say, but because I love the fragrance so much, I am inclined to put it on first thing in the morning every day.  Typically, I throw on some moisturizer, but my hands are dry by mid-morning.  With this, my cuticles stay moisturized, I haven't had nearly as many hang nails or snags, and my nails are looking much better.

Do you need it?  If you love lemon like me, I'd definitely say it's worth the $4 splurge to try it out.  Better yet, do some shopping with their mineral makeup as well!  They have some beautiful colors, and I'm particularly partial to their blushes.  Theme Park is a beauty!

How many of you have tried Everyday Naturals/Minerals?  What is your favorite product?