Monday, June 13, 2011

Swatches: Urban Decay Primer Potion "Greed"

A few weeks ago I decided to splurge on a large Urban Decay Primer Potion, and since I'm a sucker for shimmer, I went with the shade in Greed.  This is the golden primer potion, and boy oh boy is it pretty!

The thing that I absolutely love about this tube is...well, it's a tube!  It makes getting product out that much easier, and I won't have to cut open the container to get the remainder out.  There is a needle nose opening, so you don't squeeze out too much product either. 

The color is gorgeous.  To me, this is beautiful for summer.  With warm tans, gold plays very well.  Also, this allows for very minimal makeup, as this can be your eyeshadow too!  Talk about simplicity.

Below is a swatch, and I layered it on thick so the picture would capture the shimmer and color.  You obviously don't need this much for normal wear, so consider it for picture purposes only.

Do you have Greed?  How about Sin?  I think that will be my next purchase.