Saturday, May 26, 2012

Is your Walgreens being remodeled?

It seems like all three Walgreens in my area are going through an intense remodel.  I went in the store closest to my office the other day, and they were about 75% done, and lucky for me, the portion that was complete is the Health and Beauty department, so I took a couple of pictures to show you what you have to look forward to!
First off, they are putting a big, light up end cap at the front of the Health and Beauty department.  This particular store displayed the entire Essie nailpolish collection, and also had the permanent display within the beauty department.  The other side of the display had some seasonal display pieces (i.e. the Revlon Expressionists collection, etc). 

Also, for those of you who don't have a full-fledged Jordana selection in your local drug stores, if you happen to have a Walgreens that is remodeling, they are getting a whole section in the Beauty section.  I really love their pencil eyeliners, especially for the price.  I've done a few reviews of their products here, so you can browse through the pictures.

I also saw quite a few new hair and body care lines in the Health and Beauty department as well.  I wasn't able to snap pictures of those unfortunately. 

Also, if you check out the little clearance spots at the ends of aisles, you'll most likely find a lot of newer products on clearance.  I found some new Maybelline blushes, Revlon nail polishes and some eyeshadows, which I'll post pictures of here shortly!  The best part - the blushes rang up $0.87 because they were BOGO50%!  It is definitely worth checking out!