Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Swatches & Review: Jordana Easyshine Lip Color "Sugar Cookie"

I had very minimal exposure to Jordana Cosmetics until Walgreens revamped their set up and put an entire permenant display in their cosmetics department.  Until then there was a little rack with eyeliners and lip liners that I would pick up every once in a while.  You can see what I have purchased and reviewed here.  Actually, some of my most used items are the Glitter Rocks Retractable Eyeliners I swatched and reviewed here, and I got those on clearance for $0.62 a piece!

Now that there is a display at Walgreens, I took a look at the other offerings from Jordana and picked up one of their Easyshine Lip Colors to try out.  There are six colors on the display, and I picked up Sugar Cookie, which is a warm, reddish brown cream - no shimmer here. 

Actually, if you head on over to the Jordana website, you can see all of the different colors here.  The website also has a handy key to tell you what the finish is for each of the colors.

Not only did I mangle the top of the lip color with the lid when I opened it, but my flash totally washed out the color in the tube.  It is a much deeper shade, with more brown undertones.  This is a smaller stick of color too, similar to the size of the Carmex I reviewed earlier this week. 

Swatched on the lips, this is my lips but better.  The shine is unbelievable, and unfortunately my camera did not capture this either.  It reminds me of a the shine you get from a liquid lipgloss in a tube.  Definitely an easy color, it adds a hint of warm red shine, without being over the top.  This is a very slick, non-sticky gloss.  Lasting strength is minimal at best, especially if you have to talk alot during the day.  There is a slight fragrance, sort of a warm vanilla sugar (hence the name), and it is also sweet to the taste.   

At $1.99 this is a nice little thing to keep in your desk drawer or purse when you don't want lipstick on.  It doesn't tout any benefits (i.e. Vitamin E, aiding or healing chapped lips, etc), but it does feel nice on.  These would also be nice for the younger girls that are asking for some lipgloss or lipstick...maybe a stocking stuffer or two from Santa?