Monday, June 25, 2012

lady gaga's nail designs

Lady Gaga is the undisputed queen of nail art. Some would say that she is responsible for bringing nail art into the public eye and making it as popular as it is today. She's a celebrity, and therefore has the amazing freedom to work with the best artists in the world. It's definitely a perk she takes full advantage of! Her "Born This Way" nails, and many other awesome looks, were created by NYC based artist Aya Fukuda, who is fantastic. Check out her website if you don't believe me.

She has singlehandedly started one of the biggest new trends in nail art: pointy nails. As much as I love her, I still haven't forgiven her for making that the "hot" look. If I wore nails like that I'd poke my eye out within minutes! What I love about her is the dedication. Yes, she has amazing nail art in her music videos, but even in paparazzi photos her nails are always flawless. To be fair, so is her hair, make up and clothes...but still...her nails! For a really interesting take on her nails, check out the tumblr Polished Paws Up, which transforms her hair, outfits and videos into nail art!